Xiro Xplorer glamour photo in flight

Superior flight.

Amazing photography.

Intuitive design.

Affordably priced.

The experts have spoken!

"Flying the Xiro is a sheer joy"

          — Jason Cole, RC Groups

"Best Camera Drone for your money"

          — TheRcSaylors

"I can't think of anything I'd change about the flying characteristics of the Xplorer."

          — Terry Dunn, Tested.com

Check out the video review by RCGroups.

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Xplorer V Now $499.98

The Xiro Xplorer V is the best-flying drone in its class — and it's one of today's most affordable options for aerial photography/videography.

Perfect for the photographer who wants it all, the Xplorer V's super-smooth 3-axis gimbal and 1080p HD/14.4 megapixel camera with polarized lens provides superior, glare-free images. "Follow Me" and "Circle Me" flight modes make it easy to shoot immersive FPV footage and flawless selfies.

Xplorer and Xplorer G options also available. Find out which Xplorer is best for you with the featured chart below.

Xiro Xplorer V
Xiro Xplorer V

All you need in one box

XIRE0300 (2 LiPos)

XIRE0301 (1 LiPo)

Xiro Xplorer G
Xiro Xplorer G

Get your GoPro connected


HXiro Xplorer
Xiro Xplorer

The perfect start


Xiro Xplorer Transmitter with smart phone holder

Use your smartphone in the transmitter's holder to turn it into an FPV monitor.

Xiro Xplorer V Includes all of this

The Xplorer V (XIRE0301) includes a Wi-Fi capable 5.8GHz transceiver, a 3-axis gimbal, a 1080p HD/14.4MP camera, one 3S 5200mAh "Smart" LiPo battery and intelligent chargers for the battery and transceiver.

• Diagonal Dimension (all): 350 mm (13.75 in)
• Weight: 995 g (2.19 lb), Xplorer; 1.22 kg (2.65 lb) Xplorer G & V
• Flight Time (approx.): 25 minutes
• Video Range: 500 m (1640 ft)
• Requirements: app (all); GoPro Hero 3 or 4 Camera (Xplorer G)

Product Manual (PDF, 1.8 MB)

Xplorer Comparison Chart




Xplorer G


Xplorer V

XIRE0300 / XIRE0301

1080p HD/14.4MP camera Optional  
Polarized lens    
GoPro® Hero 3/4 support Optional  
3-axis stabilized gimbal Optional
5.8GHz transceiver
Smartphone holder
Wi-Fi Range Extender Optional
Actual Direction Control
"Follow Me" & "Circle Me" Optional
Brushless power system
GPS flight control system
Return-to-Home fail-safe
Three flight modes
Waypoints Ground Station
Battery/radio smart charger
Spare props and tools
3S 5200mAh Smart LiPo 1 1 XIRE0300: 2 / XIRE0301: 1

Note: Wi-Fi Range Extender boosts flight data transmission up to 500 m (1640 ft).


Hardshell Xplorer Backpack


Open and closed view of backpack

Carry your Xplorer safely and comfortably! The backpack's protective hard plastic case is lined with cushioning foam. Special cutouts gently cradle your drone, battery, radio and accessories.

Dimensions: 15.7 x 12.5 x 8.2 in (400 x 318 x 208 mm)
Weight: 3.5 lb (1.59 kg)

Check out the review by TheRCSaylors.

Handheld Gimbal


view of someone holding gimbal

Attach your camera-equipped Xplorer gimbal…insert your mobile device for real-time display …and connect the built-in WiFi. Then start filming! The included LiPo battery provides 2 hours of operating time.

Dimensions: 6.4 x 2.0 x 4.6 in (162.2 x 51.8 x 115.7 mm)
Weight: 5.3 oz (150 g)

Check out the reviews by Tested.com and TheRCSaylors.

Compatible with Xplorer V/G gimbals and mobile devices up to 5.5 in (140 mm). Gimbal, camera and mobile device not included.

Always follow the AMA Safety Code when operating model aircraft. Visit the Academy of Model Aeronautics: www.modelaircraft.org and search for "FPV 550" and read "Document 550 - Utilizing First Person View Systems" to learn about the safe operation of FPV "First Person View" systems in model aircraft.

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